The first record of Kelly’s production!

Yes, I am actually productive sometimes! Yesterday I caught the crocheting bug and decided to go ahead and try a pattern for something easy and cute, like this sponge, which I recorded on my Ravelry page.

In the past, my sponges have lasted through one or two major washes before being too torn apart or dirty to use. Frustrating! I don’t want to do the dishes if I don’t have a clean sponge! So one day I decided that excuse wasn’t going to keep me from doing dishes anymore, and I bought those washable sponges from Walmart or Target or wherever. They’ve served me well. I’ve had them for around a year now and they’re still good (the 3 I have left out of 4). In my opinion, they absorb smells too well.

Lead in option number 3! The crocheted sponge! All that extra air is allowed to travel throughout the sponge and dry it out, so it doesn’t have that soggy animal smell anymore. I anticipate this being an issue for dishes that really need to be scrubbed, but I suppose that is also why I haven’t exactly thrown out my old sponges.

So, pictures! I made three of these before deciding to take pictures of the process as I crocheted it out.


The entire thing takes me about 45 minutes from start to finish.


Also, I love that this thing is actually useful.


I often feel like I’m creating something that is just going to gather dust and cat fur until eventually it is too gross to keep.

The first three I made:


and the last one I made, which is going to get dirtiest the quickest.


After I spend hours making more sponges while listening to Bill Burr’s podcast, I’ll probably do something else “useful” for around the house with the remaining yarn I have. Most of it is not comfortable for wearing – it’s crafting yarn. I’d really like to make some socks and sweaters and who knows what else! But I’m also completely broke right now, so I’ll just continue to make stuff for around the house with whatever I have.

I’m also working on this reinforced grocery bag as a sewing project. Using this grocery bag I got from Stew Leonard’s that ripped, and this really terrible tablecloth-y material I got from an estate sale thrift shop in San Diego. It looks like something my grandmother would’ve picked out! It has bright yellows and greens and dull pinks and purples. I’ll take pictures of it as it progresses.

Oh, and meet Kali! She’s Derrick’s.


She’s so cute.


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